“Yogi was Subramanian,” says Ey Report, cites Skype Id, electronic data evidence

EY’s forensic audit report into the National Stock Exchange (NSE) co-location scam and promotion of former group chief operating officer Anand Subramanian said the email id in question had been used to communicate with former NSE CEO Chitra Ramkrishna, Subramanian and former NSE employee Sunitha Anand, according to excerpts from the report viewed by CNBC-TV18.

The three former NSE officials were receiving communications from a “Himalayan Yogi” via the said email address. Subramanian’s personal email ID was flagged in those communications, according to the report.

Information such as NSE 5-year financial protections, dividend payout ratio, business plans, NSE board meeting agenda and rating/assessment consultation performance records of NSE employees were shared by Ramkrishna and Subramanian with the said email id.

Ramkrishna shared the information either to seek advice or at the request of the email address user. She consulted with the “yogi” on NSE’s business excellence programs, NSE employee rating and promotion, FII tours, and discussions with SEBI on listing standards and regulatory issues.

According to the EY report, electronically stored information identified that the yogi Chitra was writing to was in fact Subramanian. The Skype profile used on Subramanian’s NSE office was linked to his mobile phone number and email address from which Chitra received the “yogi’s” emails. Document properties, attachments in emails from ‘yogi’ email id had details including last modified by, author and created by Anand Subramanian.

The location geotagged in some of these emails from the “yogi” was actually Subramanian’s residence in Chennai. The captured location of the photographs shared by Subramanian from his official NSE email id in Ramkrishna was similar to the captured location of the photographs sent by the yogi. In one of the emails, the yogi claimed to be booking one “for Subramanian”, but the booking was actually made by Subramanian himself.

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A similar language was used by Subramanian and the yogi called himself Kanchan. He used to mention Subramanian as ‘the perfect fit’ and Ramkrishna said she saw the ‘yogi’ through Subramanian.

A few emails to Subramanian from non-NSE employees show some people calling him Swamy and God.

In an email from January 25, 2016, Subramanian told Ramkrishna that he had a discussion with HH (His Holiness, the Yogi) and Ravindra (an employee of NSE). However, Ravindra told listeners that only Subramanian was part of that conversation.

In an email to Yogi in February 2015, Subramanian wrote about a meeting between Yogi and Murlidaran. But according to Murlidaran, only Ramkrishna and Subramanian were present at this meeting.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Subramanian on Thursday evening and was granted custody until March 6.

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