Writing with a pen develops students’ cognitive reasoning — Close

BIC Nigeria said enabling learners to write with a pen will help them develop their cognitive reasoning and creative expression.

Speaking at a media conference, BIC Nigeria Managing Director Guillaume Groues explained that it was not possible to move to a paperless office.

“The cognitive aspect of pen use reports that for a child to learn, it is much better to use a pen to write, it helps him learn faster than using a computer. You can express your creativity with the pen.

“We are delighted to be in Nigeria today; a young population, and the largest economy and global market in Africa. We invest in the country, from creating jobs and empowering youth to supporting education and environmental sustainability. We still have a lot to do in Nigeria in the years to come and we look forward to being close to our consumers on our journey in this thriving market.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of BIC Middle East and Africa, Peter Van de Broeck, said, “We have coloring books, adult coloring books. People want to be creative and expressive, they don’t want to be on the computer all the time. I write a lot, if you want to remember something or if you were doing longer exams, you have to write it down.

”Through its BIC Cristal Pen Awards program which rewards educators for their creative and innovative approaches to education, BIC last year recognized Mr. Opeifa Olasukanmi, a Nigerian teacher with over a decade of experience and passion for English literacy. Mr. Opeifa received BIC stationery products and a 5,000 euro scholarship for his school. These initiatives stem from the company’s commitment to improve learning conditions for 250 million students by 2025. To date, BIC has reached 161 million students.

Abderahmane Fall, General Manager of BIC Middle East, North, West and Central Africa, also said: “BIC also announced its commitment to sustainable development and its objective to improve its environmental footprint by 2025 – as part of its “Writing the Future” program, Together sustainability program launched in 2018.”

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