WoLF joined by over 40 organizations in calling on the UN to abandon the regressive framework of “gender theory”

WASHINGTON, March 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Forty-three organizations and 41 people from ten countries joined the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) in calling for an end to the international implementation of ‘gender theory’, in particular with reference to the ideology of gender identity, in response to a call for contribution the United Nations independent expert to the Human Rights Council.

Signatories include United Families International, caWsbar (Canada,) Concerned Women for America (US), The Countess did not fight for it (Ireland), Hands Across the Aisle (United States), The Heritage Foundation (United States), Independent Women’s Voice (United States), LGB Fight Back (United States), OBJECT (United Kingdom), Standing for Women ( United Kingdom), Spinifex Press (Australia), Trans Rational Educational Voices (United States) and Campaign for Women’s Human Rights – Brazil (view full submission here).

The call for papers requests documentation on how critiques of gender theory “are used to fuel violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity and their particular impact on sexual rights. and reproductive ”.

The submission presented by WoLF documents how gender theory promotes prejudice to LGB people, women and girls, and liberal ideals such as free speech, all in direct opposition to the stated goals and initiatives of the United Nations. .

The response also notes the biased nature of the request for contribution itself and calls for “the oversight of the Human Rights Council to curb an independent expert who works contrary to the mission and goals of the United Nations system.”

“Both the wide ideological range of organizations and individuals who joined us in this submission, and the public opinion research that has been undertaken,” said Natasha graphic, Executive Director of WoLF, “demonstrates the depth of the challenge that gender identity theory poses to the fundamental truths and values ​​of society. We hope the UN will listen and refuse to embrace this secular political faith.”

A statement from the UK-based group We Are Fair Cop, one of the signatory organizations, said: “We are deeply concerned about the rise of totalitarianism in what were once healthy democracies and we hope the UN is alive for this hazard and will take action to prevent it. Freedom of speech and expression is the foundation of any functioning society.

Read the full statements from the signatory organizations:

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SOURCE Women’s Liberation Front

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