Trump allies staged data copying from battleground states’ voting machines, report says

(CNN) – Lawyers for former President Donald Trump have hired computer experts to copy sensitive data from voting machines in several battleground states, including Georgia, Michigan and Nevada.

That’s according to The Washington Post, which received emails and other documents that were gathered from a subpoena to the forensic company hired to obtain the information.

The subpoena comes from a lawsuit regarding the security of Georgia’s voting systems.

Sidney Powell is shown in this undated file photo. A Washington Post report said she and other Trump lawyers arranged to copy data from battleground states’ election systems, including Georgia.(Hillsdale College/YouTube)

This is the first confirmation that data from Georgia’s electoral system has been copied, and The Washington Post said it shows these efforts were more organized than people initially thought.

“These entire hard drives of election systems software, the election systems used to date in the state of Georgia and elsewhere were copied and then shared among a constellation of Trump allies,” said Aaron C. Davis, a reporter at the Washington Post.

“And we, you know, if you look back at the first few days after the election, it seems so frenetic, almost like somebody, you know, working or interested in trying to support Trump’s ideas was just taking their own will to do something,” he added. “These documents show that it was in fact organized, that lawyers – in one case an outside lawyer for the Trump campaign, another case Sydney Powell, were ordering these computer forensic experts to go to the states and, each once they had the help of a local election official, to go over there and copy as much as they could.

It is not clear if any of these offenses could be criminal. Courts have authorized the exams in at least two counties.

According to the Washington Post, “experts are increasingly concerned that officials sympathetic to Trump’s vote-rigging allegations are undermining election security in the name of protecting it.”

Rudy Giuliani responds to the probe. (Source: CNN/POOL/Getty Images/The Rudy Giuliani Show/Ga. Senate Chamber/Ga. House of Representatives/Newsmax)

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