This case can make your Kindle look like a Victorian era leather-bound book

Kindle e-readers are the closest thing to reading on real paper thanks to the accompanying glossy E Ink display. Amazon would also like its Kindle eReader devices to be seen as the perfect alternative to paper books, although the metal, plastic, and glass construction are hard to miss. Fortunately, there is a way to cover this up so that the Kindle takes on the appearance of a leather-bound book that dates back to the Victorian era.

Such a case is also ideal for providing a protective cover for your Kindle, keeping dust or moisture at bay. Not to mention, it can be a great way to give the Kindle a classic look, sort of retro feel if it’s not something you don’t agree with. It can actually create a nice contrast, retro feel on the outside while inside you have one of the most advanced e-book reading devices on the market. There is also a nice engraved design on the outside that goes perfectly with the retro vibe.

The box also comes with sleep and wake-up functionality. Moreover, no matter how authentic it may appear, the case is made from vegan leather and therefore also environmentally friendly. It doesn’t add much weight, which means the Kindle’s light, fun feel remains intact. Unfortunately, the case will only fit 10th gen and earlier Kindle Paperwhite models and not the latest 11th gen Kindle Paperwhite launched a few days ago.

As for its price, the case costs $ 19.99, which makes it one of the more affordable ways to give your Kindle some sort of classic makeover.

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