Tech-savvy e-notification provider explains how to share ‘That Day’ archive posts on Instagram


Ask Dave Taylor, a YouTube channel dedicated to consumer electronics and electronics reviews, which also has a question-and-answer tutorial website offering online help and customer technical support, recently answered the question on how to access the “In This Day” archive publications on Instagram stories and share them. The question came from an Instagram user who noticed that another user was posting an “On this day” entry in their stories. The question is, how do you access the archive content of On This Day so that you can do the same.

To be able to create a story on Instagram, the user accesses the creator’s screen by swiping from left to right. The user then swipes along the icons near the bottom of the screen to find the stopwatch, which corresponds to “That day”. Instagram will choose an older post and offer it as the basis for a new story. At the top of the screen, Instagram provides a link that allows the user to view all old posts and choose from among them. After choosing one, the user can use the various tools provided at the top of the screen to make the On This Day post more interesting.

After making the desired changes to the post, the user can share it with their friends and followers by tapping the arrow at the bottom right. There are different options for sharing the story. It can be distributed widely so that it can also be shared on Facebook. The story can also be shared with a limited number of people, such as close friends only. Or the user can choose specific people only from their friends.

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People who want to check out the various electronics reviews and related topics can visit the Ask Dave Taylor YouTube channel, or contact Dave Taylor by phone or email.


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