Small startup on a “big mission” to reduce e-waste in Qatar

Prestige Computer Services (PCS), a new initiative of StudyPlus Education Group, has embarked on a mission to reduce e-waste in Qatar.

The company upgrades and resells high-quality laptops, desktops, monitors and peripherals with warranty at the “most affordable price”.
price” with free delivery options throughout Qatar, according to a press release.
Prestige Computer Services recently inaugurated a brand new showroom with over 500 high-end laptops and desktops, available for rental and resale, at Al Mirqab Mall.
“As cash-laden tech-hungry customers prepare to upgrade to the next generation of super-fast electronics, what happens to those who are thrown away and where do they mostly end up? C “It’s simple, throw it away. Electronic devices have always produced waste, but the level of discarded devices has increased rapidly in recent years, forming mountains of obsolete gadgets around the world,” the statement said.
Pallets of once-loved but now obsolete devices daily fill landfills with toxic electronic waste, such as mercury, lead and beryllium, representing one of the greatest environmental risks facing the world. “These toxins seep into soil and water, contaminating both and posing a serious health hazard to all living species,” said Mohamed al-Amri, president of PCS.
During a company policy briefing, Yogita Goyal, co-founder of PCS, said, “In our company, we always want to have the newest and best product. Every time we buy something new, we get rid of what is old, and the environment pays the price for our desires.
This consumption cycle has made e-waste the fastest growing solid waste stream in the world. “I don’t think people understand the magnitude of the problem. According to the World Health Organization, in 2019 alone, the world produced 53.6 megatons of e-waste, or an average of 7.3 kg per capita. Less than a quarter of all e-waste is recycled, while the rest is burned to carbonize the planet or ends up in landfills,” she added.
One solution is to make the electronics last as long as before. “Our products today don’t last as long as they used to, and it’s a strategy by manufacturers to force us into shorter upgrade cycles, creating a compulsive tendency to just throw these products away,” says the co -Founder and Executive Director Pradeep Singhal. . “The increasing amount of e-waste is mainly fueled by higher consumption, shorter life cycles and fewer upgrade options and this is where Prestige Computer Services Qatar fills the need,” he said. he adds.

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