ShopFluency Turns Numbers into Loyal Customers for Ecommerce Businesses

DULUTH, Georgia., May 5, 2021 / PRNewswire / – For e-commerce businesses, the key to converting site visitors into loyal customers is still data. But one software solution stands out from the crowd with its ability to make consumer data accessible, understandable, and valuable to online retailers. ShopFluency, a software solution that provides data-rich, fact-based customer profiles, provides e-commerce businesses with information that supports a chain marketing strategy to increase sales. For businesses of all sizes and in all industry segments, ShopFluency’s new information-informed marketing efforts have quickly paid off.

Recent case studies reveal that by using ShopFluency, online retailers are better able to reach audiences with a tailored marketing approach and exceed revenue targets.

An outdoor lifestyle, hunting and fishing apparel brand came to ShopFluency because they had ideas about their customers, but needed data to back up their conclusions. The brand was ready to promote a new line, but wondered if the price matched its customers. Unexpectedly, the profiles provided by ShopFluency revealed that a large portion of their consumers are wealthier than they thought. This has given them the power to make more informed decisions about inventory and target new customer segments for digital and direct mail advertising. This change allowed the brand to introduce a new line of products direct to high-margin consumers, generating a $ 75,000 in the first trimester.

The platform is also proving invaluable for optimizing social media campaigns. A family-owned peach and pecan farm started running ShopFluency-based audiences against audiences similar to Facebook customers. In seven days, Pearson Farms was able to reduce cost per purchase by 35% with a 39% improvement in return on ad spend.

For a craftsman and e-commerce bicycle retailer, a deeper understanding of customers translated into a profitable and improved marketing strategy. Before ShopFluency, owners thought their targets were adventure and extreme cyclists, and they focused most of their spending on sponsoring professional cyclists. However, an analysis by ShopFluency showed that their best customers were in fact either older, affluent professionals or young professionals. This data helped them shift their marketing budget, creating a Facebook lead campaign that outperformed their previous customer audiences by 15%.

“ShopFluency has brought great corporate play to our growing direct-to-consumer e-commerce (DTC) brand. We now understand exactly who our target customers are and where to find them, ”said the bicycle retailer. “Since working with ShopFluency, we’ve not only been able to make strategic decisions with more confidence, but we’ve also seen a 15% reduction in our cost per acquisition on Facebook by leveraging their audiences. “

ShopFluency provides a set of profiles and recommendations as well as access to an attached list of profile data within a week.

To learn more about ShopFluency and its groundbreaking data-driven customer profiles, visit Where ShopFluency LinkedIn Page.

ABOUT ShopFluency
Launched in 2020, ShopFluency is a marketing analytics platform designed for e-commerce businesses and marketing agencies looking for an ‘unfair’ advantage over their competition. ShopFluency combines your store’s data with information gleaned from several other sources to create data-rich, fact-based customer profiles, providing your team with the essential information needed to laser focus their efforts on the right targets. higher added value, increase retention and reduce your cost per acquisition. With ShopFluency, you’ll finally have access to the kind of analysis and understanding previously only available to Fortune 500 retailers.

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