Romance and eBooks Thrive During Pandemic New

A recent website survey, Book Riot, showed that 17.5% of respondents read more romance, more than any other genre. Bookstores are also reporting an increase in sales of books, especially novels. And Overdrive, the platform that gives libraries access to e-books and e-audiobooks, also says this is their best year ever.

All of these results make sense. During a pandemic, many library users could not access their library buildings, but were able to access collections online. Plus, borrowing digitally seems safer than venturing into a COVID world. Reading novels also makes sense. During all the insecurity and the feeling of looming danger, reading novels is a sure way to escape reality.

Here are some romances that might do the trick. Obviously, a librarian would recommend, “The Library of the Last Chance” by Freya Sampson. When her library is threatened, June Jones decides to act and joins a group of townspeople plotting to save their library. One of them is a former classmate, lawyer, Alex Chen, and soon June has to decide if it’s time to make some changes in her own life.

Julie Murphy’s “If the Shoe Fits” is one of her “Meant to Be” series. Cindy may have a hard time finding the right dress for her tall body, but she can always find the right pair of shoes. When her stepmother’s reality show, “Before Midnight,” runs into a last-minute problem, Cindy is persuaded to step in and fill the void. She sees it as a chance to showcase her shoe collection, but the next thing she knows is that she’s causing a stir and falling in love with Prince Charming.

Annabelle Martin runs away from her boring Arizona life when offered the perfect job and finds the perfect home, but she soon discovers that her owner doesn’t have the perfect life as he struggles to recover from a stroke. “Wait for It” is a funny and sexy romance that is sure to take you away from everyday life.

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