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Abhi Sukhdial, eighth grader at Stillwater, has won several awards for her science fiction novel “Three Days Till EOC”. He received the Green Earth Book Award 2021 in the Young Adult Fiction category and was selected as a speaker for the EnviroKids Literacy Festival. It has also won national awards in cinema.

Abhi Sukhdial-EOC Video from Electronic Ink on Vimeo.

1 What kind of honor was it to be chosen as a speaker for this festival?

It was a huge honor for me. I was shocked and surprised to learn of the existence of the Green Earth Book Award, because when I heard about it it came out of nowhere. I was about to have breakfast like any normal school day, when my mom told me that I had won the prize. It was Earth Day in April. Then, in October, they invited me to speak at the EnviroKids Literacy Festival about “Three Days Till EOC,” and said my presentation would be seen by students and teachers across the country. I was really happy with it.

2 What message did you want other children, or even adults, to take away with?

I want to teach children and adults the importance of inheritance. How by taking small steps today to save the planet, you can help your children, your children’s children and the future generations who will be living on this planet 20, 50, even 100 years from now.

3 What do you think of the overall reception from reviewers and readers of the book?

I have received many words of encouragement and support from readers as well as children’s / young adult authors like Adam Rex and Zillah Bethell, who have read and commented on my book. I want my writing to be the best it can be, so while I love all the support my friends and family give me, I’m just as happy when I get feedback on how to make my stories better and more interesting. .

4 What artistic projects are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on a website where I can post reviews of my favorite books, movies, and video games. I am also working on directing my own films, short stories and more.

5 Do you have plans for projects that you are passionate about?

I have a list of ideas for books, videos, and more like making shorter videos (such as movie, game reviews, etc.). I am really excited about my current projects and I have never been able to stop thinking about them since I got the idea to do them.

– Beau Simmons

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