Posties pushes the boundaries of road safety | Review of northern beaches

High-speed automatic warnings and live electronic surveillance are just a few of the measures used to keep substations secure.

A submission to the parliamentary road safety inquiry examining how Australia can work to prevent road fatalities by 2050 describes the courier provider’s efforts to prevent drivers from having crashes.

One of the main initiatives is the use of telematics by the Australia Post, with on-board computer equipment to track location and speed – and even provide an audible alert when a driver exceeds 103 km / h.

Vehicle performance such as overspeeding and hard braking is also monitored, while the technology also generates automatic compliance reports that are sent to depots.

“Drivers play a key role in creating safer roads … we believe that telematics is one of the most useful technologies to improve driver safety,” the brief said.

All Australia Post heavy-duty vehicles are fitted with dash camera systems, triggered automatically by intense acceleration, braking and cornering.

The submission also outlines Australia Post’s future road safety plans, which include the use of electronic work logs to continuously manage driver fatigue levels.

It is also considering the use of advanced computer vision technology that would offer real-time monitoring of fatigue and distraction via an eye closure and head position tracking system.

Australia Post invested over $ 300 million in expanding its operating network in fiscal year 2019/20.

The committee examines steps that can be taken to achieve “Vision Zero” by 2050, referring to the elimination of accidents causing death or serious injury.

Australia Post will testify at the inquest on Tuesday.

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