Osmanabad: Villagers Loot Goods After E-Commerce Company Rolls Over

A container carrying goods from an e-commerce company to Delhi via Aurangabad encountered an accident on the Solapur-Dhule highway around 3 a.m. on Monday.

Villagers and passers-by after the container truck overturned looted the goods. Goods worth Rs 75 lakh were looted from the overturned container until the police arrived. However, the police subsequently managed to locate the stolen goods worth Rs 40 lakh by drone and direct search.

As soon as residents of the neighboring village learned of the accident, around 150 people rushed to the scene. The men threatened the driver and started looting the container. As soon as Yermala police learned of this, a team arrived at around 5 a.m. By then, however, most of the cargo in the container had been looted until then.

The police had to form teams to launch a search operation in neighboring areas to get people to return the items they had taken.

“The truck was carrying cell phones, computers, LEDs, toys and other electronic items. Villagers and passers-by began to take these items away after they fell on the road, while some opened the door of the overturned container. A team of local police as well as the riot squad had to be deployed to restore order, ”an official said.

While some villagers returned the goods on police call, many did not, after which teams searched nearby areas to get people to return what they had taken from the truck, he said. -he declares.

“Items worth ₹ 70 lakh may have been looted and we have so far managed to recover 40%.

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