ODS to Provide Cutting-Edge Digital Dental Tools to Medicaid Members and Providers

PORTLAND, Ore., September 25, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Dental Optimizer, an award-winning dental tool suite, in partnership with ODS Community Dental, is in development for Medicaid providers and subscribers. The Insurance Sponsored Web App makes finding and booking teledentistry and in-person appointments simple and easy to understand. This suite of tools also makes important benefit information digestible while reducing missed appointments. https://www.dentaloptimizer.com/

The Dental Optimizer team found that Medicaid patients did not have access to teledentistry tools, had difficulty scheduling appointments, and struggled to organize transportation to arrive on time. Some Medicaid patients have even reported being denied service upon arrival due to circumstances such as diabetes, foster children, pregnancy, etc. requiring referral prior to treatment.

“ODS covers a segment of the market that is systematically underserved. When it comes to digital tools, there are very few for the Medicaid world. Especially in the dental field. We have decided to do something by adapting our award-winning digital tools for the Medicaid market, ”said Greg hansen, director of Dental Medicaid and subsidiaries for Moda Inc.

ODS ‘Medicaid portal addresses these issues with online appointment scheduling tools, teledentistry features, benefit information, risk assessments, and more. Members who require transportation assistance can make arrangements based on their location, including how to submit eligible transportation costs for reimbursement if necessary.

Medicaid providers benefit from online appointment scheduling and automated appointment tracking emails, texts, and notifications to their patients. They can also share treatment plans and follow up with patients. These tools are free for suppliers, who can claim their profile at https://www.dentaloptimizer.com/?providers.

According to Sam dyer, who led the creation of these tools, “Dental Optimizer presents essential information, without overloading Medicaid members with unnecessary plan details. Sam added, “The old way of communicating by mail made it difficult for some Medicaid members to stay up to date and in contact with their providers and ODS.”

Medicaid plan facilitators can now make significant improvements to their member and provider experience from a single platform. With intuitive features designed specifically for the Medicaid population, Dental Optimizer points to the future of dental care management tools.

For more information on Dental Optimizer, visit https://www.dentaloptimizer.com/

SOURCE dental optimizer

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