New update Pocketbook Inkpad 3 with several improvements


The Pocketbook Inkpad 3 has just received a new firmware update which upgrades the version to 6.5.765. The update brings a host of improvements that the company says will lead to an overall improvement in performance. The device startup process will also be faster. Book covers and PDF pages will also render faster than before. Likewise, the scrolling feature will improve in all apps as well.

Then there are several fixes that fix several known issues with the device. For example, the risks of incorrect ordering of notes when exporting to an HTML file have been corrected. Likewise, the risks of error when deactivating an Adobe account in some cases have also been addressed.

Other fixes that came with the update include one for the Dictionary app that sometimes refused to launch in Airplane mode. Likewise, there is a fix for TTS voice packs which sometimes just could not be uninstalled while the chances of the device crashing when uploading a new dictionary to the reading room have been eliminated. Then there was also the issue of the power off logo which often disappeared when the device automatically turns off in sleep mode which has been fixed with this update.

Apart from that, the update also allows the dictionary entry of a highlighted text to display automatically once the dictionary changes, while some UX improvements have also been introduced in the dictionary app. . Additionally, users will also be able to download preinstalled dictionaries if these have been deleted for some reason.

The reading room user interface will also benefit from a performance improvement, while there will be better control of front lighting, brightness and temperature. The update will also allow users to download better TTS voices directly from the Reading Room UI itself. The update also offers the option of renewing or returning LCP protected books earlier. Zoom and scale functions have also been improved while support for Chinese pinyin input has been added.

The keyboard user interface has also been redesigned so that it can now support new character layouts. This means that users will be able to assign multiple characters to a key on the keyboard that will be accessible via the long press action of the particular keys. The Calendar app user interface has also been revamped while the update introduces a new app called Photo Frame that will allow photos to be viewed in a slideshow. In addition, there is also the function of adding the current time and date that the particular image was taken.

Besides the major updates mentioned above, here are some improvements to the reading program. These include support for LCP DRM protected files, while a new scrolling mode has been introduced in which pages stick together to give the impression of a continuous scrolling effect. There is also a new, faster engine that supports formatting up-to-date PDF books.

The Book Info menu opens faster after updating, while swipe gesture recognition has also been made more accurate. Users will also be able to return to the last page opened before calling up the search menu. Additionally, users will be able to automatically exit footnote mode after five pages. There will also be the ability to adjust the brightness, contrast, and gamma correction of books in PDF and DjVu format, while the dictionary article fonts can also be changed with simple pinch-to-zoom gestures.

The update also introduces new user interface controls that allow users to change the font of vocabulary entries while reading in dictionary mode. Processing of EPUB books has improved significantly while RTF format files also open much faster. Then there will be “Fit to Page” and “Fit to Width” modes after users change the scale in PDF and DjVu books via a pinch-to-zoom gesture.

Other than that, the update brings a host of fixes. For example, there is a fix for possible low-quality screen updates after selecting text to be highlighted or mistakenly returning to text after reading a footnote in a book in FB2 format. The problem where some abbreviations in the text were expressed at the end of the sentence.

Some tablet issues were also addressed effectively, such as the table not displaying in the correct format in some Adobe DRM protected files, or the tablet not forming properly in some comics. Then there are fixes for some password protected PDF files which will not open even if the correct password is given, page numbers will not show in books in PB-2 format if the integrated page number function is disabled.

Other fixes include incorrect representation of illustrations in some books in FB2 format, incorrect page indents in some books in DOCX format. Likewise, there is a fix for some built-in fonts that are not used in some EPUB books.

In addition to the above, the update also improves the Book Store app, Library app, as well as Browser app.


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