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GREENSBURG – The Decatur County Electoral Council is considering a plan to remove electoral voting sites in constituencies and replace them with voting centers.

A public hearing to present the finalized plan is scheduled for September 28 at 6 p.m. at the Greensburg Learning Center, 422 E. Central Avenue. Voters will then have 30 days after the meeting to file a comment regarding the plan with the County Clerk of Decatur; the last day to file a comment, for or against, is October 28.

The plan

According to information made available by Decatur County Clerk Adina Roberts, in accordance with IC 3-11-18.1-4, the Decatur County Electoral Council proposes to adopt a plan for the establishment of voting in Decatur County to provide more convenient, efficient and cost-effective access and voting procedures for all voters in Decatur County.

In recent years, there have been 18 polling stations in the constituencies; the proposed plan would reduce that number to 11.

Here are the suggested locations for the polling centers that will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on polling day. The sites of the polling centers would then be reviewed and amended before each electoral cycle.

1. First Christian Church, 425 N. Broadway Street, Greensburg

2. John Street Knights, 312 S. Wilder Street, Greensburg

3. Greensburg Community Church, 1427 W. Vandalia Road., Greensburg

4. Bruner Event Center, 100 N. Webster Street, Street Paul

5. Clay Township Fire Department, 8433 W. CR 100 S., Greensburg

6. Clarksburg Fire Department, 6645 N. CR 700 E., Rushville

7. Letts Fire Department, 4474 W. CR 700 S., Greensburg

8. Millhousen Fire Department, 7935 S. CR 250 E., Greensburg

9. New Point Community Building., 8041 E. CR 195 S., Greensburg

10. Westport Community Building, 205 W. Main Street, Greensburg

11. Greensburg Public Library, 1110 E. Main Street, Greensburg

In addition, the plan calls for the following suggested locations of satellite voting centers to be open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on each of the two Saturdays preceding the election.

1. New Point Community Building, 8041 E. CR 195 S., Greensburg

2. Westport Community Building, 205 W. Main Street, Greensburg

Absentee voting would take place at the clerk’s office 28 days before the election, including two on previous Saturdays.

Voters from all constituencies could vote at any location or satellite polling center.

Every style of ballot for every constituency in Decatur County would be available at every polling center and satellite polling center (depending on the election, the number of ballot styles varies widely; therefore, the plan does not attempt to provide a specific number of ballot styles).

Each polling center would be equipped with provisional ballots for each constituency should the need arise.

Each polling center and early polling center would be connected to all other polling centers or early polling centers as well as to the county electoral council via electronic voting registers connected via personal MiFi units secured with at least two terminal devices. Electronic voting record available at each location.

Each locality, depending on the election, would also have at least one inspector, two clerks and two judges from opposing parties.

Voting equipment

As per the proposed plan, Decatur County will use Microvote Infinity machines. Since the Microvote Infinity is a Direct Recording Electronic Voting (DRE) system, the Indiana code requirement 3-11-18.1-14 that requires ballots to be kept separately by constituency is easily met. , according to information provided by Roberts.

As in traditional elections, at the end of Election Day, votes would still be counted and reported by constituency.

Prior to each election, a public test would be carried out no later than the start of the early absentee poll to ensure that all voting panels are functioning as intended for absentee voting and election day. The equipment would then be sealed and transported in accordance with state law.

County of Decatur would use KNOWINK’s innovative electoral solutions for its electronic ballot book.

The electronic ballot book would be securely connected to each polling center and the county election commission at the Decatur County courthouse on election day. It would securely connect every in-person mail-in voting site and satellite voting center and meet all standards set out by Indiana law under IC 3-11-8-10.3.

More information

Copies of the proposed voting center plan are available at the Decatur County Clerk’s Office, which is located in the Decatur County Courthouse.

The Office of the Count Clerk can be contacted at (812) 663-8223 or [email protected]

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