Machine learning experts can earn up to $160,000 with these skills

  • Machine learning jobs are one of the hottest and highest paying jobs in tech.
  • Data scientists and other roles can earn over $160,000.
  • Insider has compiled 10 concepts and skills companies look for when hiring machine learning experts.

Most modern products and tools have at least an element of artificial intelligence or machine learning. From personalized search results to photo-identification tools, experts use a variety of rapidly evolving tools and techniques to create these algorithms.

As a result, it is now one of the hottest and highest paying jobs in tech. Some roles may require high-level degrees to work on the most advanced technologies, but experience with a few tools and math can still land candidates a job.

This includes several different roles, such as data scientists who analyze massive data sets for trends to inform business decisions. They earn $122,431, according to a sample of data based on 2021 H-1B visa applications. The U.S. Office of Citizenship and Immigration Services requires businesses to disclose salary information on visa applications. H-1B visa when hiring international workers. Data does not include additional compensation such as cash bonuses or stock awards.

Data scientists for production models earn $143,960, according to H-1B data. Advanced data scientists typically build machine learning models that work in products, such as personalization algorithms. Or workers can pursue the emerging field of machine learning engineers, who put models into production and refine them. They earn $159,775, according to H-1B data.

At the top of the pay scale, researchers work at the cutting edge of AI, developing new techniques for complex models. These employees often have extensive experience, training or both, and they earn $161,944, according to H-1B data.

Due to the wide range of positions available, breaking into machine learning can range from learning basic data science techniques to more advanced deep learning skills. The field is complex and evolving, but workers can start with a few foundational skills.

Here are 10 concepts and skills that companies look for when hiring machine learning experts:

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