Iron Man vs Vision: who would win a comic book battle

Iron Man is an overpowered genius inventor and the Vision is an overpowered scholar android, but who would win in a comic book battle?

The two Iron Man and the Vision are among the early members of the Avengers and are powerful heroes in their own right, but which character would win if the two come to blows in the comics? Both characters are very intelligent, but the genius comes from different sources: Tony Stark is a prodigy inventor and unparalleled in the creation of advanced offensive and defensive technologies, while the Vision is a sentient synthezoid, a living machine created by another. living machine. (Ultron), and can come to conclusions as fast as any computer, if not faster.

While the Marvel Cinematic versions of the characters are quite popular, this comparison will focus on the comedic versions of each character. In general, the 616 versions of Marvel superheroes are orders of magnitude more powerful than their cinematic counterparts. Tony’s Extremis suit in the comics, for example, has an undersheath that’s stored in his bones – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its technology.

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Like in the MCU, Tony Stark can indeed build himself an armor “… in a cave with a box of garbage”. He can also build Bleeding Edge armor, allowing him to take on Thor, Gladiator, and dodge both of their attacks with relative ease. Away from the elaborate dress-up scenes of the movies, Tony can get dressed almost instantly. As for the fight against Vision, Tony has actually reassembled Vision several times, most recently in the Avengers Disassembled scenario. So Tony can understand exactly how his opponent works and can develop electronic countermeasures accordingly – and can even control Vision. Unfortunately, his opponent can uncover Tony’s weaknesses just as easily.

The Vision has a unique set of powers that cannot be duplicated by Tony: the ability to change his density. While Iron Man and Vision are more or less equal in terms of brute force, Vision can just go over one of Stark’s attacks (which he has done in the past). From there, he can launch his trademark attack: run his hand through an opponent before solidifying it. in their body. Vision has all the knowledge of every computer in the world at his fingertips – but he doesn’t need it to defeat Stark. Vision knows Tony’s real weaknesses have nothing to do with his armor and everything to do with the man inside. His emotional fragility, to name just one, is a weakness Vision does not share.

Ultimately, while Vision has many physical and electronic vulnerabilities that can get him out of combat as quickly as a button press, Iron Man has emotional vulnerabilities of its own. Stark is one of the most fallible heroes in the Marvel Universe, and many of his problems are the result of his pride, vanity, addiction issues, and more. Yes Vision could plan ahead and exploit those weaknesses to his advantage, he could overcome Iron Man thoroughly.

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