Ideoclick Extends Support For Leading Ecommerce Platforms By Leveraging In-Depth Amazon Expertise By Delivering A “One-Stop” Cross-Platform Solution To Maximize Efficiency

SEATTLE, February 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Ideoclick, Inc., the industry’s leading e-commerce optimization platform provider, today announced that its strategic e-commerce expertise now extends beyond Amazon to include major advertising platforms Instacart, Walmart, and Target. The move will provide Ideoclick customers with a single-source advertising management solution and a comprehensive API-based view of digital performance across all platforms. The solution will help brands maximize effective advertising ROI and strategically manage their growing e-commerce platforms.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has completely changed the game for e-commerce, which now accounts for 16% of total retail sales compared to only 11% before Covid-19,” said Ben winters, innovation director of Ideoclick. “Many brands have faced huge disruption in how they reached consumers over the past year and are seeking expertise on how to execute consistent cross-platform strategies. Our newly extended solution will provide brands with the human expertise and cutting-edge technologies they need to transform their e-commerce performance on Amazon and beyond. “

Benefits of Integrated Ecommerce Strategy

By maximizing cross-platform coordination with Ideoclick, brands will achieve greater efficiency and optimal sales. They’ll also save time with a single point of contact dedicated to synchronizing execution across retailers – from strategy, product launches, tent events, and more. In addition, brands will benefit from Ideoclick’s expertise in industry-leading Amazon marketing services, integrating paid search management services on the Amazon, Walmart, Instacart and Target platforms. Other key benefits include:

  • Ability to measure Share of Search ™ on Amazon: Ideoclick’s flagship Share of Search methodology helps brands measure the digital shelf. It allows them to compare their peers on estimated traffic percentage, star ratings, number of reviews, prices, etc. for the chosen search terms.
  • Holistic “one-stop-shop” management: Ideoclick strategists will help brands develop a highly strategic and integrated e-commerce advertising platform go-to-market plan. Ideoclick manages overall strategy and execution on major e-commerce platforms.
  • Strategic orientation: Ideoclick provides recommendations on budget allocation, optimal assortments, cross-retail pricing strategy, profitability and inventory management.

“Ideoclick has leveraged his knowledge of my Amazon business to quickly resume and optimize my Walmart advertising efforts. We continue to grow alongside the Walmart platform.” Matt Altschul, President and CEO, Smartish

For more information on Ideoclick’s extended support for Instacart, Walmart, and Target, visit our website.

About Ideoclick
Founded in 2009 by former Amazon executives and leveraging over 200 years of Amazon experience, Ideoclick provides the industry’s leading e-commerce optimization platform, delivering a unique combination of cloud-based software, subject matter expertise and knowledge to companies selling on Amazon and beyond. . Ideoclick works with brands to solve challenges, unlock data-driven insights, and add automation to help them go further, go faster, and earn more. Today, Ideoclick manages over 20 million standard Amazon ID numbers and helps hundreds of brands achieve transformative results. For more information, please visit:

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