Greece will finally accept vaccination certificates from non-EU countries

US vaccination cards cannot be read electronically; however, government legislation allows vaccinated foreigners to enter the country. Credit: Greek journalist

People vaccinated against Covid-19 abroad or who have a certificate of recovery from the disease issued by a non-EU country, will be able to acquire a certificate of vaccination in Greece with an electronic signature in the next few years. days, according to the Ministry of Health. Digital governance.

Until recently, proof of vaccination was only required at border checkpoints when entering the country. The stricter measures, introduced to keep the number of Covid-19 cases low, now relate to vaccination cards issued by the United States, so that they will also carry the accepted electronic signature used throughout Greece to enter closed places.

On a Facebook group for foreigners in Athens, several people complained that with the more intense protocols in Greece to fight the pandemic, they were banned from entering, even if they had been vaccinated in their country of origin.

Unrecognized US Covid-19 registration card; new vaccination certificates on the way

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Site staff responsible for entry only use the QR scanner, issued by the Greek government, to allow customers to pass through the doors of an establishment’s confined spaces. Electronic scanners cannot read anything without a unique barcode or QR code. U.S. vaccination certificates are signed and dated but do not have a signature or electronic code.

The government has imposed heavy fines on sites that have allowed entry to customers who do not have a vaccination certificate or negative rapid test recorded in the COVID Free GR system.

The new vaccination certificates will be issued through an app on the platform, which will also allow users who have completed the first round of vaccinations abroad to make an appointment for a booster in Greece.

Regarding the foreign vaccination certificate, the government’s announcement stated:

“The General Secretariat of Trade and Consumer Protection of the Ministry of Development and Investment announces to catering, entertainment and retail service companies and consumers in general that according to recent legislation:” extraordinary measures for the protection of public health against the spread of Covid -19 “Entry and service for foreign customers holding certificates of vaccination or recovery from Covid-19 from countries other than the European Union will be authorized to enter upon presentation of their certificates and passports without being checked via the COVID Free GR platform.

Greek legislation for certificates abroad
The Greek edict that allows entry with a COVID 19 vaccination certificate issued by a non-EU country and a passport. Credit: Greek journalist

For establishments that do not yet know the appropriate legislation and do not authorize entry because they do not recognize vaccination cards issued by third countries, it is recommended to bring a copy of the legislation, printed or saved in a smartphone.

Meanwhile, measures restricting the movement of people who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 appear to be producing positive results, as indicated by increased activity on the government’s emvolio vaccination platform.

Appointments on the platform amounted to 105,000 at the start of the week, including 27,000 for the first dose of Covid-19 vaccination.

The Emvolio platform will open for recalls for the general population on November 19. Boosters are recommended six months after the end of the initial vaccination. The current Covid-19 vaccination certificate will be considered expired after seven months after an individual receives the second dose.

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