Former Amazon ad directors form one-of-a-kind e-commerce company

PRINCETON, New Jersey, March 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – KANE is a new network of former Amazonians, specialists with decades of experience leading Amazon advertising campaigns for hundreds of customers around the world. Main Mike Kazantzis was a creative director at the head of the CPG vertical in the new York office, and KANE partner Steve Susi was the division’s first executive creative director, moving from new York To London lead all creative operations outside of the United States.

Unlike the so-called “expert” Amazon agencies, KANE executives, while in the company, generated many Amazon tools, best practices, and policies that third parties rely on today. .

“Others read on Amazon. We wrote it,” Kazantzis said. “We have the institutional knowledge (how decisions are made, development cycles, acceptance methodologies and, of course, customer insights) to benefit brands of all sizes and across all industries. “

At KANE, this insight results in a ROAS increase of over 500% for customers, a 100% reduction in ACoS and a 3.2x time-to-market efficiency, saving brands money. thousands of agency fees and lost impressions.

“We started KANE after years of our clients’ frustration that their agencies did not know about Amazon,” said Susi. “After working with our teams, ‘I didn’t know we could do this on Amazon’ was the most common reaction.”

At Amazon, KANE executives and their teams have treated more than 500 clients, trained 65 brands and agencies with the Trusted Creative Partner program, which they developed; created 16 new advertising products; and obtained an innovation patent with another pending patent.

“We have a name for it: ‘Effortless Amazon’,” Susi continued. “Our goal is to provide brands with easy and efficient access to the full potential of Amazon.”

“Amazon is so big and loaded with policies that it can be intimidating even for the biggest brands in the world,” Kazantzis said. “We help them navigate the Amazon universe to leverage its entire portfolio of services and offerings to drive sales, increase sales speed, and acquire new customers quickly and easily.”

“Just like Amazon, KANE starts with the customer and works backwards,” said Susi, author of Amazon 2019 category bestseller. Brand motto: a former Amazon executive on money, information, loyalty and time. “After years of creating successful campaigns, we have decided to bring our institutional knowledge and data-driven methodologies to smart brands who want to get the most out of their e-commerce and brand presence.”

KANE’s suite of offerings include E-, V- and B-Commerce solutions – its labels for, first, e-commerce fundamentals and optimization, then product videos optimized for e-commerce and, ultimately, brand-level content in the shopping environment. .

“We like to say, ‘Don’t just move the product. Move the brand, “Susi said.” If you think of Amazon as just a selling point, you are missing out on most of its power and your KPIs.

“A lot of companies claim to be Amazon experts,” Kazantzis added, “but their experience ends where ours begins. They focus almost entirely on low-funnel activities, like SEO and PPC. important, these are table stakes. The customer expects and deserves best-in-class content across all of their devices and touchpoints. Amazon has so much more to offer at the brand level, but these off-menu offers are not accessible without a privileged knowledge of how to unlock them.

With the recent explosion in e-commerce and the dramatic shift in customer behavior defining the “next normal”, Amazon is a staple for thousands of brands around the world. KANE is excited to work with our clients to think big and take full advantage of our ecosystem of platforms, products and services.

About KANE
KANE is a network of former Amazonians in new York, New Jersey, Florida, and the UK, providing information-driven content services for marketers committed to delivering best-in-class ecommerce, creative and branding performance across all ecommerce channels.

Contact: Margie Parker Lamparillo
Telephone: (917) 382-1009
E-mail: [email protected]


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