EcoCart raises $ 3 million to democratize carbon offsetting for the e-commerce industry

EcoCart offers two main carbon offset products: one e-commerce plugin for merchants to offer carbon neutral ordering option at checkout and free use Google Chrome Extension which calculates the carbon footprint of user orders in more than 10,000 stores and automatically offsets this impact by donating to independently verified carbon offset projects. With EcoCart, brands and buyers are now able to take action to protect the environment by mitigating the impact of their carbon footprint while continuing to sell or buy as they otherwise would.

“We believe EcoCart is reinventing the way brands interact with their customers while managing and addressing their environmental impact at scale,” said Chris Zeoli, director at Base10 Partners. “EcoCart represents a solution that helps reverse decades of damaging climate change. Base10 is proud to partner with the founders of EcoCart as they continue to make carbon neutral purchases the new payment standard for industries such as retail, micromobility, food delivery, and more. . “

Hundreds of online retailers trust EcoCart to bring carbon neutral products to their customers, including Atoms, The Little Market, Siete Foods, Christ dawn, and Monday swimsuits. With EcoCart, brands of all sizes add a carbon neutral checkbox to their checkout experience in minutes, which is free for brands and adds 1-2% on average to the customer’s order total. EcoCart partner brands can also choose to make all orders on their sites carbon neutral on behalf of their customers. When brands display these options at checkout and demonstrate a commitment to the environment, they see up to a 22% increase in cart conversion.

“EcoCart has been an incredible tool in driving positive customer engagement at APL by clearly demonstrating that we are taking action to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint,” noted NJ Falk, Managing Partner of Athletic propulsion laboratories (APL), a luxury performance athletic shoe company and the best Shopify store.

For merchants using the EcoCart ecommerce plugin, the company offers a strong portfolio of carbon offset projects to choose from. While other organizations opt for offsets that protect the planet in the expected way (think planting trees or protecting forests), EcoCart offers a wide range of projects that address climate change in unique and innovative ways. The company intentionally seeks projects that also have a social good layer, such as providing clean water or creating jobs for neighboring communities.

The company spent its first few months developing its proprietary algorithm that calculates the carbon footprint of each unique online order. For the ecommerce plugin and browser extension, EcoCart’s algorithm uses the unique characteristics of each order, including the materials used to make the item, the shipping distance, and the weight of the package. to estimate the emissions created from this command. The algorithm is powered by research from leading institutions including Oxford, Cambridge and Yale, and was built in partnership with climate experts from top universities.

“Climate change is real and it is here and I am always delighted to see companies taking matters into their own hands to make a positive impact towards a carbon neutral future,” noted Dr. Zhi Yong Yin, professor of environmental and marine sciences at the University of San Diego. “The dedication of the founders of EcoCart to transparency and selecting projects that will actually help mitigate climate damage is admirable. I can’t wait to see what real change they can make in the fight against climate change. We should never underestimate the impact of the little things people do to save the environment. ”

About EcoCart

EcoCart’s mission is to make the fight against climate change simple, profitable and accessible to all. EcoCart offers an ecommerce plugin for merchants on Shopify, BigCommerce, and other major platforms, giving brands the ability to offer carbon neutral orders. EcoCart partners with carefully vetted, ethically proven and scientifically verified carbon offset projects that comply with leading global carbon standards to enable brands to seamlessly bring sustainable purchases to their customers. Start to

About Base10 partners

Base10 is a San Francisco– a start-up venture capital firm investing in automation for the real economy. Founded by Adeyemi Ajao and TJ Nahigian, the company focuses on automation impacting many sectors of the real economy, including transportation, computer hardware manufacturing, logistics and construction. Portfolio companies include The Pill Club, Chili Piper, Popmenu and Pangea. Connect via


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