EA reportedly discussed with Disney, Apple and more about its acquisition or merger

Electronic Arts has reportedly spoken with a number of tech giants such as Disney and Apple about acquiring them. EA is one of the biggest game publishers thanks to its iron grip on major sports IPs like Madden and UFC, but it also runs other huge AAA franchises like Battlefield, Need for Speed, and Mass Effect. Although gamers have mixed feelings towards the company, there’s no denying that its presence in the gaming industry is quite massive and makes it a lucrative business for just about everyone involved. .which could lead to the acquisition of the publisher.

According to a report by Puck (via Kotaku), EA wants to sell the company to Apple, Amazon, Disney, or one of many other giant corporations. The company has already held talks with the aforementioned companies and no deals are actively in the works, but a deal with NBC Universal is almost done. The deal reportedly fell through because of the pricing, but it shows that EA is ready to close the deal if the price is right. Although an EA spokesperson denied these claims to Kotaku, Puck’s report noted that EA was interested in some sort of merger and has been more enthusiastic about the idea since the announcement of the acquisition. ‘Activision by Microsoft.

“Multiple sources familiar with these discussions say EA has been persistent in pursuing a sale and has only become emboldened following the Microsoft-Activision deal,” Puck’s Dylan Beyers said. “Others say EA is primarily interested in a merger deal that would see Wilson stay on as chief executive of the combined company.”

As previously reported, this follows news that Microsoft is buying Activision in the biggest deal in gaming industry history. next summer if all goes as planned. EA might be more interested in this deal as it dropped its deal with FIFA and will lose the rights to be the exclusive publisher of Star Wars games in 2023. At this time only time will tell if EA finds a offers that he is happy with.

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