E INK devoted 16% of its turnover to research in 2020

E INK is the industry leader in e-paper displays and they really have no competition in this space. They are not resting on their laurels, but continue to invest in research and development. In 2020, they spent 16% of their total revenue to develop new technologies such as Carta 1200 and Carta 1250, Kaleido 1 color electronic paper, and Kaleido Plus color electronic paper. The company also developed Specta 3100 for shelf labels, the On-Cell touch module, and various foldable prototypes. The vast majority of their research targets the e-reader and e-note sectors, which account for over 50% of their total revenue. In order to produce all these new display technologies. E INK plans to expand its plant in northern Taiwan and plans to hire around 400 additional employees in 2021. They have also expanded their plant in Massachusetts.

E INK has benefited from increased global demand for e-book readers, e-notebooks and e-shelf labels resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, Present and CEO Johnson Lee revealed. As global demand for electronic paper is greater than initially expected, E INK has faced a shortage and price increases in components and materials, Lee said, adding that in order to promote the long-term application of electronic paper, IEH itself absorbed the cost increases and did not increase the quotes.

There have been a bunch of companies that have released e-readers and e-notes this year, and we should see some type of record, for the sheer number of new devices that have been released, some by major players. Kobo issued the Elipsa, which is its first professional electronic note and uses Carta 1200, the only company to have it. Fujitsu has just released the second generation Quaderno A4 and A5, which use Carta 1250. There have been a slew of Kaleido Plus Color e-paper devices from Guoyue, Bigme, Onyx Boox, Pocketbook and many more on the way. . Regular e-readers will also be released by the end of the year, this includes a new Amazon Kindle, Kobo, possibly Nook, Onyx will update most of their lineup with new products including a few E INK monitors.

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