‘Danger!’ contestant Matt Amodio extends winning streak to 13

While everyone is talking about “Jeopardy!” refining his search for a new permanent host, the current champion flies quietly under the radar and breaks records.

Matt Amodio claimed his 13th win on Friday, placing sixth among any player’s back-to-back wins, as the iconic quiz show’s 37th season finale nears next week.

Amodio took home $ 35,600 on Friday after beating contestants Patrick Pacheco and Madeline Birkner, bringing his total winnings to $ 430,200. It also places Amodio fifth on the all-time “Jeopardy!” play in the regular season. And it is closing in on the fourth spot currently occupied by David Madden at $ 430,400.

The last category was Literature and Animal Kingdom, and the clue: “In 2020, scientists named Trimeresurus Salazar a new species of it, after a character in a series of books.” (The correct answer: “What is a snake.”)

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Yale Computer Science Ph.D. student from New Haven, Connecticut, said his earnings were “the most I’ve earned in a while.” He told the Hartford Courant last month that “the nature of a doctoral student is to spend money, not to make money”.

But he already has plans for his growing bank account.

“You made a ton of money here. Ideas on how you could invest it,” guest host David Faber request Tuesday. Amodio replied, “I’ve never really owned the land I’m standing on before, and real estate can be a great investment, so I think maybe that’s where I’m going.”

Yale’s School of Engineering & Applied Science has encouraged Amodio every step of the way. “Another day, another @AmodioMatt win!” the university tweeted Friday.

Monday will mark the fourth guest host that Amodio has played for. He was first crowned “Jeopardy!” champion by Robin Roberts; his streak lasted through the hosting duties of LeVar Burton and David Faber. Sports presenter Joe Buck takes over on Monday, when Amodio goes for the No.14 victory.

To get there, Amodio said he changed his strategy along the way: “If you get too in the rut you might start to make mistakes. I tried to keep it fresh every time.”

Sixteen guest hosts have stepped onto the podium since January, starting with a six-week tour of “greatest of all time” champion Ken Jennings.

Producer Sony Pictures Television is preparing to anoint only the second permanent host of the show’s current incarnation following Alex Trebek’s death last November from pancreatic cancer.

Sony declined to comment on a Variety report that said executive producer Mike Richards was the frontrunner. But a new host is expected to be named shortly after next week’s finale, as the show prepares to resume recording a 38th season that begins on September 13.

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