Critics presentation to Gbenga Adefaye: Media man at 60

By Osa Amadi, artistic editor

“If I bear witness of myself, my testimony is not true” – John 5:31

In the weeks and months to come, this book, “Gbenga Adefaye: The media man @ 60” will attract the attention of art editors in the Nigerian media space and other critics. This is just an introduction to what’s to come.

From the scriptures cited above, a book like this – composed of testimonies given by one another – is more valuable than biographies and autobiographies.

There are too many books in the world. The bible, once again, says: “There is no end to making many books …”

But I tell you, there are not enough good books in the world, and there will never be enough good books in the world because the appetites of lovers of good books are so voracious that no matter what. number of good books that you produce, they will all be consumed by people like Gbenga Adefaye, Eze Anaba, Uncle Sam and those who make good books like this possible.

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Yes, everyone who has contributed to this book, especially the authors of the chapters, is a fan of good books, because you cannot be a good writer without being a good reader. In addition to telling Adefaye’s story from the perspective of other men in the media, “Gbenga Adefaye: The Media Man @ 60” is a collection of samples of the writing skills of some of the best Nigerian writers in the world. media.

As we discuss good books, there is a related issue that needs to be addressed: The same concern with publishing hard copies of newspapers is that of making books as well. Just as we ask if the publication of hard copies of newspapers will die because of online publishing and online media, so we ask if the production of hard copies of books will die because of the manufacture of electronic books.

Gbenga Adefaye, the subject of this review book, is a strong believer in the theory that just as the advent of television did not kill radio, online media will not kill newspapers.

There are other valid bases for this theory: the invention of the camera and photography did not kill the visual arts like painting and sculpture; recorded music has not killed the demand for live musical performances, and home videos have failed to bury the performing arts and film!

“Books as Works of Art” is both an interesting and fitting slogan of TCI Magazine – the book publishing company that published “Gbenga Adefaye: The Media Man @ 60”. The company insists that every copy of a book it makes and sells is made and sold as a work of art rather than just a book.

Making books is an art. If a work of painting, for example, can be sold for millions of dollars, there shouldn’t be too much money to sell a good book produced as a work of art.

No work of art is perfect. Ihe dinmma n’eweghi ntupo adighi is a deep philosophical expression in Igbo. It means “there is no such thing as a beautiful thing without blemish”. Likewise, as a work of art, there is no such thing as a perfect, beautiful, and good book. A stain, a stain somewhere or a defect does not detract from the beauty of a good book created as a work of art.

By scratching the story of Gbenga Adefaye through this book, and giving testimonies about it, the history of the Nigerian media and journalism is also scratched – I say scratched because the story of Gbenga Adefaye and the media and the Nigerian journalism is too broad to be comprehensively captured in a book. But this “scratch”, as small as it is, is indeed a significant scratch that opens an important window that leaves us a good view of the person of Adefaye and of contemporary Nigerian media and journalism.

As such, this book, “Gbenga Adefaye: The media man @ 60”, is therefore a must read for any journalist, researcher and student of communication and media studies, other media practitioner, scholar, student of mass communication. , public relations practitioner. , media relations practitioners, marketing communications practitioners, government and government agencies who should have an interest in media, and of course, all consumers of media products.

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