Clinch Unveils New Purchasable Video Solutions, Enabling Real-Time Ecommerce Video Across Channels From Online Video to OTT

NEW YORK, December 2, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Clinch, Customize Everywhere, which provides cross-channel dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology to the world’s leading advertisers, today announced the launch of its real-time video ad units.

The Clinch Purchasable Video Solution transforms standard video advertising experiences from a top funnel outreach tactic into a powerful performance tool, to better capture audience engagement and guide customers on the digital path to business. purchase, on any screen. Advertisers can now integrate unlimited and rich data feeds, such as location, inventory, products and offers, all in real time. The clinch purchasable videos can also accommodate features that promote user interactivity, such as QR codes, surveys / polls, message sequencing, gamification, dynamic maps, etc.

“We have positioned ourselves at the intersection of data and video commerce – a space where we see immense value,” said Oz Etzioni, CEO of Clinch. “By allowing brands to drive commerce through video, we have opened up a whole new revenue channel that was historically reserved for brand awareness.”

Clinch is betting big on the idea that video will soon overtake display in the conduct of e-commerce. The company’s purchasable video ads generate higher engagement rates than display and retargeting, and are in high demand with many customers.

“We have several large advertisers leveraging our purchasable video ad units for their 2020 vacation campaigns, and in almost all cases these purchasable videos outperform display retargeting in both CTR and conversions. “, added Etzioni. “These metrics are a real game-changer and confirm that the future of e-commerce is video.”

There is currently an abundance of inventory that can accommodate purchasable videos, as well as a growing demand on demand-side platforms like Adelphic by Viant, for solutions to integrate commerce into video.

“With the current evolution towards e-commerce, purchasable video is an increasingly important component of brand advertising campaigns,” said Jon schulz, CMO at Viant. “Dynamic content optimization is a key part of maintaining a seamless and personalized customer experience across all channels and our partnership with Clinch aligns with our strategy of providing our customers with data-driven advertising tools to help increase engagement and drive business results. “

In addition to creating custom models, there is proprietary magic in Clinch’s decision engine that analyzes and applies complex decision logic, in real time, to show the right products to the right person, in the most relevant environment. .

Getting started with purchasable video is easier than you might think. Clinch Purchasable Video works with a client’s existing assets and is built using Clinch Xenon, their proprietary fast video rendering technology, which makes it easy to create, scale and customize, which is invaluable. before the holiday season and until 2021.

To learn more about Clinch Shoppable Video, contact [email protected] for a demo.

About Clinch
Clinch is an AI-powered creative personalization platform that delivers personalized advertising experiences across all channels, to drive performance and sales online and in-store. Clinch provides brands and agencies with a creative omnichannel solution that leverages data to automate, personalize and optimize display and video advertising experiences at scale, across programs, social media, apps, native and OTT / CTV. For more information visit:

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