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Funny memories remain with us and we want to enjoy them again and again. Channeling this sentiment, digital is a powerful tool to remind charitable supporters how much fun they have had to interact with your organization.

Looking under the hood, we take a look at what constitutes a memorable online customer experience (CX). We’ll also go over tips on how to build a brilliant CX course.

What makes a digital experience memorable?

Memorable digital experiences begin with convenience, speed and fluidity. These concepts in technical terms form the CX. CX includes all of the digital touchpoints that supporters and donors have with charities.

To be good at CX, charities need to make interactions quick, easy, and convenient. Relationships are at stake if CX is not done well. Customer Experience Magazine claims that “any friction in the customer support process can undo hard-earned trust and loyalty.” Taking this to heart, charities must create seamless digital experiences to retain supporters.

Charitable digital experiences should be accessible to users of all skill levels. While accessibility testing helps assess what charities might need to improve, this is just the start. For charity experiences to matter, charities need to follow these three simple guidelines: listen to the public, get feedback, and reduce friction.

In the end, Third Sector sums it up perfectly: “In a world where 89% of businesses now compete on the basis of customer experience, charities that don’t recognize the importance of customer experience will be. surely left behind. “

Our top tips and tricks for improving charity experiences

Creating transparent experiences can be simple. Our top tips and tricks help point you in the right direction.

Remember that first impressions count

The warmth of your welcome emails is important. Personalization works to create an intimate touch. Make sure to include details like name, signature, job title, and any specific details you might have gathered.

The strategy can also help increase fundraising efforts by 44%. Getting this information correct is paramount – incorrect personal information easily discourages potential donors.

Personalization and emails aren’t the only keys to turning supporters into donors. Shout Digital’s interesting white paper “What Makes a Great Digital Experience for Charities” says first impressions matter a lot.

Since most people go to web pages for information, sites should be optimized for mobile. It is important to note that the donation pages should be easy to find for computer and mobile users.

Understanding your digital touchpoints

Understand how you are addressing your audience. A consistent brand and message helps build relationships with audiences across multiple channels. Make sure your language is the same on all media, including phone, text, and social media.

When you campaign, use all channels for the same purpose. Behind the scenes, social media management platforms help manage digital touchpoints. They can plan content, collect audience feedback, and help teams keep content consistent.

Focus on your “customers”

Great digital experience focuses on real supporters, volunteers and donors. These groups of people are customers in the sense that they already interact with charities.

Stay focused on delivering digital experiences for your known audience, rather than the groups defined in the segmentation process.

Social media sharing

Help your audience spread excitement by enabling content sharing on social media platforms. After the event, digital “gifts” of photos or video clips should also be sent to attendees.

Reward the audience for sharing their experiences online. Social media is a great tool for on-the-go experiences.

Keep it simple

There are plenty of digital enhancement options out there, but they may not work for your audience or your charity workers. To deliver a great digital experience, keep it simple. Forbes magazine recommends speed and convenience.

No more multiple logins, products on different screens and complicated payment options processes.

Continuously improve interactions

Don’t let your digital experience go to waste. Keep up to date with what’s working for your charity and what isn’t. Assessment tools can help change digital experiences.

Benchmarking in customer service areas can help your teams improve digital interactions. Use interactive content to get feedback from your own audience.

Leverage your CRM systems

Use your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) systems to uncover trends and audience preferences. Digital leaders can use the information captured to make changes in donor experiences.

Letting donors know how their funds have impacted makes them happy with their donation.

Enable transparent payments

Accepting payments should be quick, easy and as convenient as possible for the public. Charities need to keep abreast of payment technologies. The UK is moving away from cash and checks to card payments.

The trend opens up possibilities for mobile, tap, e-wallets and cryptocurrency. For charities like the NSPCC, which are already ahead of the curve, accepting new transparent payments can increase donations.

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