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Durango author Scott Graham to discuss the book on Thursday

Local Scott Graham, an award-winning author of the National Outdoor Book, has just published his seventh national park mystery, “Canyonlands Carnage”. In this tense and dangerous outing, Chuck Bender and his brother-in-law, Clarence, battle the whitewater rapids of the Green and Colorado Rivers and the secluded barren land of Utah’s red rocks.

It was at the end of May that Chuck, owner of Bender Archeology, agreed to help a friend who was co-leading a river expedition. Chuck Coswell and Ralph Hycum have brought together a group of diverse water policy leaders, environmentalists and industry representatives in the hope of reaching consensus on possible changes in water use. in the southwest.

The planned two-week trip will expose the group to the river basin and its ecosystem, which is both powerful and fragile. Chuck is the expedition naturalist who is supposed to give after-lunch and dinner lectures on the geology, flora and fauna, anthropology and archeology of the basin.

The leaders are trying to solve many of the issues that are emerging as a result of climate change and drought, which is causing water scarcity in the southwest. The reality is that the future has arrived and water has become a hot commodity. Water is needed for residents, agriculture, industry and recreation.

What: Maria’s Bookshop presents an author presentation and book signing with Scott Graham, discussing his new book, “Canyonlands Carnage”.

When: Thursday at 6.30 p.m.

Where: Secret Garden at Rochester Hotel, 726 East Second Ave.

More Information: Visit https://bit.ly/38Dn1mh.

Wayne and Ralph hope that being immersed in the world of the basin without distractions (no phones or computers working in the remote area), industry representatives will be open to compromise. Due to deep pockets, some companies have already started buying water rights. This is a frightening proposition that could affect the health of the basin’s delicate ecosystem and impact the lives of all who live in the Southwest.

The trip is a throwback to the adventures of Chuck’s young singles, when he climbed and rivered with the best of them. Just over five years ago, the confirmed bachelor over 40 married Clarence’s older sister Janelle. He also became the stepfather to his two daughters, Carmelita, 17, and Rosie, 13. This added a new, admittedly louder, level to his life, which he considers much richer. Recently, Janelle started working full time as a paramedic with Durango Fire and Rescue, which brought Chuck to even more parenting responsibilities. A trip down the river feels like a fun little break, just like the good old days.

Chuck’s fun is unfortunately short-lived when one of the leaders suddenly dies. As unforeseen events unfold, Clarence and Chuck believe someone is trying to sabotage the lofty ideals of the expedition. As an added distraction, Janelle and the girls show up, dividing Chuck’s attention from the growing dangers in the pelvis. Graham’s description of the girls arriving through the rugged roads and cliffs of the park is terrifying and rivals the driving skills of most backcountry experts.

Graham packed his latest venture with an incredible amount of glorious descriptions of the rugged landscape of America’s most remote national park. The history of the Colorado Basin is expertly woven into the action of history. Dangerous and mysterious events occur as even Chuck’s family is threatened by unknown forces. Graham’s knowledge of whitewater rafting and the hard work of river management is detailed and intimate, leading readers to take part in the tumultuous ride that is “Canyonlands Carnage”.

This is one of Graham’s best. Be sure to come and listen to Graham’s presentation and book signing Thursday at the Rochester Hotel Secret Garden.

Leslie Doran is a retired teacher, freelance writer, and former New Mexico who claims Durango as her forever home.

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