BJP National Secretary General Tarun Chugh

Congress claimed that BJP leaders were only seeking applause from their party members by making such statements, despite “3.28 lakh of deaths from January to May of this year” in the state. which, according to the opposition party, was much higher than the normal death rate in the state.

In a tweet on Sunday, Chugh said: “How can the crown harm Madhya Pradesh where the president of the state is Vishnu and the chief minister is Shiv.”

He was at the BJP state office here to participate in the launch of the Rashtriya Swasthya Swayamsevak Abhiyan, a program to provide health care training to BJP workers so that they can volunteer during the pandemic and other health-related crises.

Chugh also said 135 crore of COVID-19 vaccine doses will reach health centers nationwide by December of this year.

Meanwhile, state congressional spokesman Bhupendra Gupta denounced the BJP, saying its leaders only spoke like this to seek applause from their party members.

Gupta claimed that “3.28 lakh people died in Madhya Pradesh between January and May of this year, which was 54% higher than the normal death rate”.

He further claimed that the state president of the BJP himself admitted that 3,500 people belonging to the families of the workers and leaders of the BJP had died from COVID-19.

“Chugh should have told us where Shivraj and Vishnu Dutt were when COVID-19 was wreaking havoc? Were they asleep? How will they curb the pandemic in the future? Gupta asked.

By equating the two rulers with Hindu gods, he said, these dictatorial forces around the world see themselves as supreme powers. Such forces believe they are God.

However, BJP Secretary of State Rajneesh Agrawal said that was just a way of speaking.

He (Chugh) only mentioned the first names of the CM and the BJP state president, Agrawal said.

He said the BJP government and the party organization are committed to serving the people during the pandemic.

The pandemic has spread across the world. It was important to know how the state government handled it and the party organization served the people in times of crisis. Now the pandemic is under control, ”he said.

Congress only wreaked havoc during the pandemic crisis, Agrawal said.

Madhya Pradesh reported 10 cases of COVID-19 on Sunday, bringing the number of infections to 7,91,960, while the death toll remained unchanged at 10,514, according to the state health department.

The number of recoveries in the state stood at 781,298, leaving the state with 148 active cases, according to official figures.

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