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ELYRIA, Ohio – To offer simplified product searches, expedited orders, online warranty and basic services, as well as the ability to easily verify genuine parts, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC (Bendix) has launched a fully updated new e-commerce platform, B2Bendix. com. Using customer feedback and suggestions as a driving force, the new site, launched Jan. 19, replaces the online store and will serve as the North American e-commerce platform for Bendix. is one of three regional storefronts launched as part of a global initiative coordinated by Knorr-Bremse, Bendix’s parent company based in Munich, Germany.

Over a year of creation, the new – for the North American commercial vehicle market – offers high-resolution 360-degree views of over 9,000 Bendix products, kits and service items. Other key features of the new platform include more robust product search capabilities; online access to enriched product information; the ability to determine warranty eligibility; process basic returns quickly and accurately; and, for authorized Bendix distributors, the ability to view emergency ordering parts availability and order products quickly.

“Customers have asked us for more options when it comes to our online e-commerce capabilities, and our new e-commerce platform is a direct response to those demands,” said Marylou Hornung, director of business operations for Bendix. “The platform is simple to navigate and offers a host of new features, including quick and easy product searches and details on technical attributes. Overall, this resource makes it easier to do business with Bendix by helping customers get quick and accurate answers to many of their questions.

Several ways to search for products

Among the most significant upgrades to the new platform is its product search functionality, which allows users to search for genuine Bendix products by part number, product category or product name – or by the part number of the authorized Bendix distributor, if applicable.

Once users have selected specific parts, products or kits to review, they can also verify that they have selected the exact product, thanks to 360-degree views of over 9,000 products provided on the platform. form. The ability to zoom in on these photos provides customers with visual confirmation that the part they are ordering matches the one removed from their vehicle.

At the same time, authorized Bendix distributors with login credentials can use the system to easily order from the product page, using the quick order form or the stock order function.

“The ability to search for products in multiple ways, including the 360 ​​degree rotation option, is what makes this new platform unique for our distributors,” Hornung said. “Together, these capabilities make it very easy to find specific products. You don’t need to search through multiple references or descriptions without photos. Images, part numbers and close-ups of individual components are readily available, which is a significant advantage when researching specific products.

Another new time-saving feature of the site is the extension of technical information and service data for cataloged products. At the part number level, users can view general product information, including weights, dimensions, and VMRS codes.

Users also have the option of viewing technical attributes and downloading Bendix service data sheets and installation instructions. Previously, technical information such as service datasheets had to be downloaded exclusively through the Bendix online information center, while installation instructions were only provided with the product itself. Hornung noted that service datasheets and other key technical documents will remain a part of the online documentation library at or

A new way to check warranty status

Another new feature of the platform is determining product warranty eligibility. Users simply enter details such as part number, mileage, service dates, and vehicle type to find out if a specific part is eligible for warranty coverage, eliminating the need to ship products to. Bendix to determine warranty eligibility.

A related new feature is the ability to geolocate the nearest authorized Bendix distributor – to reorder necessary parts – based on the user’s location.

While all users have access to product searches, document downloads, and warranty eligibility sections of the site, other features such as product ordering capability, warranty claims, and basic quotes are limited to authorized customers for each segment. Distributors who order parts online can also view order history and track order status, with additional features slated to launch in a second phase later this year.

Ease of navigation

Designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, offers additional features in the main menu, including service and support, e-learning, warranty, cores and a help function. In addition, the site now includes a handy diagnostic trouble code (DTC) finder tool to find DTCs for certain Bendix electronic control units (ECUs) including their component, DTC type, and code.

In the Service & Support section of the site, users with technical questions have several phone and email options to contact the Bendix technical team. Users can access training resources through the E-Learning section of the site, which links to two main existing Bendix training resources: and

Users also have access to the company’s carrot reporting program, which features the new option to submit carrot returns online, request pickups, and search for material or base groups.

Finally, the Help option provides more information on how to use the site and its new features, such as checking warranty eligibility, revising the privacy policy or updating details. of the user profile.

Its responsive design, which provides the same functionality whether users access the site through a mobile phone, tablet or laptop, makes the site even easier to use. Compliant with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as state-specific data privacy requirements, is designed to comply with the latest privacy regulations.

A distributor’s perspective on

Industry professionals who sampled the site were impressed with its all-in-one functionality. Marc Karon, president of Total Truck Parts, an authorized Bendix distributor with six stores in Florida, spoke about the system’s ability to provide technical information about products ordered and its ability to process orders for those products at the same location. “We can talk to the customer while we are placing the order, so it’s a home run in that regard,” Karon said.

However, one of the system’s biggest differentiators from others, Karon said, is its ability to streamline the parts ordering process in emergency situations, with real-time availability information that doesn’t require phone call. Saving time is important, Karon added, because every day a truck breaks down means lost revenue for the customer.

“So far, with most sites, you can order electronically, but you don’t get confirmation that you’re going to receive the part until a few hours later,” Karon said. “With the B2Bendix system, I can determine the right part, get the part number, enter an order, determine its availability and have it shipped urgently, all without having to pick up the phone. For me that makes it unique, special and world class.

Meanwhile, Hornung said site functionality is all part of Bendix’s mission to provide answers and solutions when they’re needed.

“We are determined to create the best solutions. For our distributors, is a one-stop-shop for all things Bendix, helping our customers have access to all the information they need, 24-7-365, ”she said. “By providing this system, we hope we give customers a reason to visit, use, and stay awhile.”

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