7 reasons why you should always buy a modular power supply

As many PC gamers and enthusiasts know, there are several reasons to buy a modular power supply. These include the convenience of accessing all of your components without having to remove cables first, the ability to clean up after you by plugging in only what you need, and more.

In this article, we’ll go over seven different reasons why you should always buy a modular power supply.

What is a modular power supply?

modular power supply

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A modular power supply is a type of power supply that has been designed to make the user’s job easier. In addition, the connectors and cables are detachable, which greatly facilitates installation and management in your PC case.

It also makes the design a lot more space efficient, as you don’t need to take up extra space with cabling that isn’t in use. There are many reasons why you should always buy a modular power supply, but we’ve narrowed them down to seven. We’ll look at each of them in the next section.

Seven reasons why you should buy a modular power supply

Let’s go straight in.

1. Modular power supplies provide excellent cable management

When you assemble a PC or add components, this modularity makes your life much easier. You can put all of your components in place, then plug in the modular cables you need. This makes cable management much easier than non-modular power supplies.

2. The ability to clean up after yourself

On a related note, modular power supplies allow you to keep your tower enclosure clean and uncluttered, allowing optimal airflow through the machine. Many modular power supplies have an intake fan that draws clean air directly into the unit itself.

3. Easier access to all your components

The modular structure of the modular power supplies greatly facilitates access to all your components at once; you don’t need to remove the wires before accessing it.

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This is great if you add or change parts while your computer is still on. It is also a great way to clean the area of ​​your tower. Simply unplug the modular cables you don’t need and use compressed air to blow out the dust.

4. Better cable management means better power flow

If you’re building a high-end gaming rig, modular power supplies can help deliver better power flow through your computer’s components: all of these modular connectors allow for an uninterrupted connection between the power supply. power supply and other components of the PC, which allows a more efficient transfer of energy which won’t disrupt the performance of your computer.

5. Never trip over your cables again

When you have modular power supplies, it’s easy to remove only what you need without worrying about tripping over wires or accidentally pulling them loose from their components.

6. You can unplug the cables to clean or replace the power supply.

This relates to the first point, but you can plug in modular connectors when needed and easily unplug them if you are not using them. When you remove the modular cables from their sockets, it makes it easier to clean up dust.

Dust typically collects inside your tower case, reducing airflow and slowing down your computer’s cooling system. This is a big deal for gamers who want higher performance hardware with overclocking capabilities.

Another advantage is that if there is an issue with the power supply itself, you don’t need to unplug all the components connected to your power supply, as you would with a power supply. non-modular power supply. However, if you have a modular power supply, you can disconnect the cables from the power supply and then turn off the unit, leaving all of your cables in place and ready for replacement.

7. Modular power supplies are better for continuous performance

Finally, modular power supplies are better for continuous performance than non-modular power supplies because they do not retain as much heat as non-modular power supplies. This will lower your operating temperatures and increase the stability and reliability of the system and reduce overall energy consumption.

Ready to get your modular power supply? Here are some things to remember to help you make the right choice.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Modular Power Supply

Let’s take a look at the factors you need to consider before purchasing your modular power supply.

Brand and model

First, modular power supplies come in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, you’ll want to pay attention to the modular power supply’s form factor as well as its model number. This information is usually displayed on the packaging and box of the modular power supply.

Warranty period for components

The warranty period of the modular power supply is also an important consideration. With modular power supplies, you usually get a warranty that covers replacement of modular cables and not much more. Make sure that the modular power supply you choose has a warranty that is long enough for the components it will power.

Output power

The next thing you’re going to want to do is look at the power output of the modular power supply. Make sure the modular power supply you buy has modular options that match your PC build.

Modular cable options available

You’ll also want to choose a modular power supply with modular options to suit your needs. For example, if you plan to use a graphics card, hard drive, and solid-state drive, you’ll need to find a modular power supply with the correct number of connection ports.

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You can learn about the modular cable options available for the various modular power supplies by viewing the product specifications on their packaging and box. It’s worth it, because you don’t want to waste money on extra modular cable space if you’ll never be using it.


Finally, the price of modular power supplies may vary depending on the modular power supply form factor and the modular cable options available. There are modular power supplies that will suit your budget and other high-end models. Choose the one that fits your budget and your needs.

Should you buy a modular power supply?

Modular power supplies are great, but they aren’t for everyone. If you want modular options, it makes more sense to buy a modular power supply. But if you think you’ll never need modular options (who doesn’t?)

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