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One day, Simeon Hudson saw his friend Jeremiah being bullied in the hallway for wearing glasses and being called a “nerd” by other peers. Hudson returned from fourth grade that day, still bothered by what had happened. He knew he wanted to do something about it.

He approached his mother, Candice Hudson, and told her he wanted to write a book about it. Simeon Hudson was reading books during the bullying days and he felt inspired. In his classes, he began to write stories for assigned essays.

“I thought maybe this was another gift God gave me, so I asked my mom if we could write a book,” Simeon Hudson said.

Simeon Hudson and his mother got to work. They got together and wrote the book on the computer, while Simeon Hudson took care of all the illustrations himself.

“It took us about a year and then the covid slowed us down, so it took a while, so it took me about until I was in sixth grade to get it out,” he said. declared.

The story follows Harry, the main character, who goes to school on a day when the kids at his school start making fun of him, making fun of his big nose. Simeon Hudson portrays Harry crying over the pain he suffered as a result of the bullying. On the way home, he is sad and tells his mother about what happened at school. His mother tells him that his way of being is unique because God created him and God made everyone unique and special.

The next day when Harry goes to school he’s proud of his big nose, and when the kids try to bully him again for his facial features, he doesn’t let himself be bothered, and at the end of the book, his peers want big noses too.

Candace Hudson said they chose to write a facial features book so as not to hurt Simeon’s friend, so they wrote the story as a reference and chose the facial features because it’s something that God created.

Simeon Hudson said he loved to draw, and his mother Candace said it was important for readers to see illustrations from a child’s perspective.

In the book, Harry is a black character. It was something that Candace and Simeon had decided to do to make Harry look like Simeon in a certain way.

“No particular reason, but just because he’s black, we think a lot of kids need to see pictures that look like them too, to represent black culture too, not just other cultures,” Candace said. Hudson.

Simeon Hudson shared the message he hopes his book reflects.

“The way (people) are is unique. It doesn’t matter what other people say, because God created them and he created them to be unique and special, ”he said.

Simeon and Candace Hudson are currently working on the creation of a Harry series that teaches children everything they need to know from an early age. They are creating “Harry and his hygiene”.

Some of the topics Simeon Hudson is playing with right now include hygiene, good manners, and exercise.

Simeon Hudson is now 12 years old and will be entering Grade 7 at Cumberland Middle School. Her favorite subject is English.

Candace Hudson herself has written three books on inspirational poetry.

“That’s why I was really shocked and surprised when he came over and said he wanted to write a book because I thought he was joking but he was serious about it. So he maybe being a little gift talent, who knows, ”she said.

The publication process began when Simeon’s parents contacted Covenant Books. They submitted the manuscript, and after waiting longer than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they approved and moved the project forward.

Initially, the publisher wanted to use her own illustrations, but Candace Hudson requested that her son’s illustrations be used.

“We really wanted her illustrations to be in the book because we are trying to reach the kids, so we have to let them know what the kids think and how the kids think,” she said.

Eight months later, they finally got to see “Harry and His Big Nose” finished and fully produced.

“We wrote the book to inspire other kids to raise awareness about bullying and also to encourage those kids who have been bullied, that they are wonderfully and perfectly made, that they have big noses, little noses, big ones. feet, however God created them., they are special and they should accept themselves as God accepts them, ”said Candace Hudson.

“Harry and His Big Nose” costs $ 12.95 and is available on Walmart Online, Amazon, Barnes & Noble Online, and on E-Books.

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