11 things you can do in airplane mode

Airplane mode is a common feature in gadgets that prevent receiving or transmitting wireless signals so that they do not interfere with aircraft communications. Many of us see airplane mode on our devices and wonder what it’s really for. After all, not everyone spends enough time in the air that they need to access them so often.

However, airplane mode is actually an incredibly versatile feature, ideal for practical purposes. While it’s already known as a great way to save battery power, here are a few other things you can do in airplane mode today.

1. Stop embarrassing text messages

In the heat of the moment, have you ever typed and sent an SMS that will shame you and all your ancestors? Fortunately, if your fingers are quick enough, airplane mode can stop a message before it leaves your phone for good. All you have to do is activate it when the feeling of regret sets in. You will know if you were successful if your message fails to get through.

After years of having our phones, we can sometimes accumulate many contacts that are no longer really part of our lives. So do yourself a favor and clean your phone of all the unhappy people and conversations. You can even block people you no longer like while you’re at it. Then you are free to have a clean slate figuratively and make your phone feel safe again.

3. Organize your photos and videos

Going on vacation with a phone that barely has enough memory? In airplane mode, you can get rid of all your excuses and take the time to organize your mobile albums. In airplane mode, you can delete all the repetitive (and ugly) photos and videos of yourself to make room for better ones. Once you reach your destination, you’ll be ready to take photos without worrying about maximizing your device’s space.

4. Listen to music

While music is a part of our daily life, nowadays it is almost always played in the background. With airplane mode, you can listen to music as the main event and really enjoy the experience. When you are a premium user of music streaming platforms or have offline music player apps on your mobile phone, music and other audio files like podcasts become available for offline streaming .

5. Learn a language


If you’re actually using airplane mode during a flight, chances are you’re heading to a place where you don’t speak the language. If you want to avoid being one of those annoying tourists who expect everyone to speak English, there are a few important phrases you can learn on your flight. You can do this by downloading language learning apps that offer offline course options.

6. Catch up on content

Many video streaming platforms, like Netflix, allow you to download content for offline viewing that will work even if you are in airplane mode. Before a long flight, you can download several hours of entertainment and be ready to watch once the plane takes off. In fact, you can even download content related to the destination of your flight. With this, you can easily build relationships with locals or get more context about the place you are visiting.

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7. Train in peace

Most of us are already using a great deal of our willpower to start moving in general. No wonder a little inconvenience is enough to make us want to stop. If you notice random notifications preventing you from reaching your fitness goals, it might be time to put your phone on airplane mode while exercising.

8. Delete unused applications

For those with expandable memory, it’s easy to settle for the number of apps your phone has. However, it’s important to understand that it’s best to keep only the apps you use regularly to avoid security issues. When we don’t use apps on a regular basis, we don’t always realize how they might go wrong, which makes you a target for hackers who could take advantage of vulnerabilities.

9. Play offline games

In airplane mode, you can save your console battery while staying on top of your favorite games. Apart from that, there are several multiplayer games that you can play without having to connect to the internet. So if there’s a cutie next to you on a long bus or plane ride, you don’t need to be logged in to ask her to play.

10. Read an eBook

With e-books becoming more and more common, more and more people are making good use of their devices to read books everywhere. However, it can get quite distracting when endless notifications keep you from being immersed in your favorite world. If you’re dying to finally finish that Kindle book you bought a year ago, Airplane Mode might be just what you need.

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11. Meditate

In our modern world, it can be tempting to believe that everything is urgent. There is always something that catches your eye somewhere. However, taking the time to put the world on the back burner and be present is an experience worth living. With airplane mode, you can put yourself first for a while and ask the world to take their turn. You can even download offline meditation apps for a little help.

Airplane mode is more useful than you might think

In airplane mode, people can still try to contact you. However, you won’t see any of their attempts to call you unless they leave you a voice call. As for text messages, whether or not you receive them depends on how long you leave your device in airplane mode and how your service provider works.

So although designed for the skies, airplane mode definitely has a place in your everyday life. In a way, airplane mode helps you take back control of your time, focus, and energy. Besides airplane mode, tech makers have introduced other ways to control your time, such as do not disturb mode and focus mode.


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