10 most powerful Iron Man variations in Marvel Comics


A recent episode of What if..? imagined a world where Tony Stark had never become Iron Man. In the comics, there are endless worlds where alternate versions of Iron Man have appeared. Some of them are more powerful than others, some of them being some of the most powerful beings in their respective worlds.

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Whether it’s an alternate timeline or just a different version of Iron Man from Earth-616, these variations of the character represent a lot of divergent possibilities. Some of them are expected to appear in one form or another in the MCU in the future, which makes them all the more compelling as the franchise explores a world without Tony Stark.

ten Iron Lord

Lord Iron of 1602 - New World - Marvel Comics

Lord Iron is the Iron Man of Earth-311, the universe of 1602 comics where Marvel superheroes exist in an Elizabethan setting. This version of the character has roughly the same power and abilities as the regular Iron Man, although his armor is much more of a steampunk take. With increased strength and armored protection, Iron Lord is well defended against the weapons of the day. It can also fly and generate energy blasts, although the technology behind it is much more analog than its Earth-616 counterpart.

9 Iron man 2099

Sonny Firsco as Iron Man Secret Wars 2099

Sonny Frisco takes on the role of Iron Man in Universe 2099, one of Marvel’s darkest future timelines. While the technology behind his advanced armor is a century ahead of Tony Stark’s, the basic range of powers and abilities are essentially the same. Iron Man 2099 can fly at supersonic speeds and generate powerful blasts of energy. Sonny Frisco is also extremely smart, using his engineering talent to build the armor himself and earn a spot on the 2099 Avengers team in the process.

8 Exiles

Another Iron Man villain appears in Exiles

The Tony Stark of Earth-42777 is the despotic ruler of Earth who brutally killed every superhero and villain except those who didn’t oppose him like the Inhumans. Although the character wears the cloak of Doctor Doom, he lacks the mystical powers of the Ruler of Latveria. This character has all of the traditional Iron Man powers but is not hampered by any sense of morality. Cold, indifferent and motivated by a pure ego, this version of the character of Exiles # 23 is powerful in his capacity for cruelty.

7 Iron Man 2020

Iron Man 2020 is Arno Stark, the descendant of Tony. He is also very powerful, with improved armor notable for his trademark “pincers”. The suit in general is faster and more durable than previous versions of the armor, with increased potential for energy and speed blasts.

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Arno Stark is like many other exceptionally intelligent armor bearers. He invented virtually every component of his armor, including a weapon called the Flying Star Blade, a detachable projectile device that he can control from a distance.

6 Ultimate Iron Man

Ultimate Iron Man fights Hulk in Ultimate Human

The Iron Man from the Ultimate Comics universe of Earth-1610 is very powerful. With his mind and body altered by exposure to an Infinity Gem, he can physically and mentally interact with any computer system. This blurs the line between man and machine, and also allows him access to virtually any computer system in the world.

He can project his mind into other computers and androids, which allowed him to escape death. His iconic Iron Man armor is also very powerful, capable of generating force fields and a field of concealment that made him invisible.

5 Iron goblin

Iron Man becomes the Iron Goblin in Marvel Comics.

The Iron Goblin of 2011 Spider island The storyline is one of the most powerful variations of Green Goblin in the comics. This version of Tony Stark not only benefited from the power and ability of Iron Man’s armor, but also the Goblin Formula. He had superhuman strength, speed and stamina, as well as a healing factor. More so, this version of Iron Man used the Ebony Blade, one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. It was used by Gorr The God Butcher to kill gods in the comics and originates from Knull, the god of symbiotes.

4 Infamous iron man

Doctor Doom as the infamous Iron Man

While the Exiles Iron Man’s version did not have the powers of Doom, Doctor Doom had the Iron Man armor in Earth-616 for a while. The infamous Iron Man possessed not only the highly advanced armor and all of his abilities, but all of the magical abilities of Victor Von Doom. As one of the most powerful Marvel magicians, Doom can manipulate matter and reality. He can also travel between time and space to other dimensions, including mystical planes belonging to characters like Mephisto. Powerful and brilliant, Doom was one of the most powerful Iron Man variants of all time.

3 Iron lantern

Iron lantern

Iron Lantern is a fusion of Iron Man and Green Lantern from the Amalgam Comics crossover event between Marvel and DC in 1997. The character combines the powers of Tony Stark and Hal Jordan, making him a powerful superhero who can generate green energy builds from the start. of his specially modified armor.

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More than that, Iron Lantern was able to time travel and teleport enormous distances in space. He also possesses telepathic abilities, which makes him extremely powerful.

2 Supreme Sorcerer

Iron Man as Sorcerer Supreme in What if ...?  # 113

There are many powerful variations of Doctor Strange in Marvel Comics, and Iron Man is just one of them. On Earth-9810, Tony Stark becomes the Sorcerer Supreme and builds Sorcerer armor. This special set of armor from What if..? # 113 combines the technological advancements of Stark and the extraordinary magical ability of Doctor Strange. The armor houses an onboard spell database and also incorporates the Eye of Agamotto – taking the place of the Arc Reactor – making it one of the most powerful weapons of any dimension.

1 Deformations of infinity

The Iron Man of 2018 Deformations of infinity comic book event merged the characters of Iron Man and Thor. It made one of the most powerful versions of Tony Stark ever. Stark Odinson is an Asgardian with all the inherent physiology which makes him very strong and long lasting. He also wields the Mjolniron, a hammer with all the extraordinary power of regular Mjolnir, such as generating electrical explosions of cosmic dimensions. He could also unlock the Iron Hammer armor, a mystical costume that Stark wore in his battles to save Earth.

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